Rinoa---Final Fantasy VIII Deluxe Cosplay Set (Item #: CC02)



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Source: Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII DELUXE
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Item #: CC02

Price: US$130

US$8 to USA/Canada
US$11 to International

Short Description: Same cutting/styling as the Regular Rinoa (US$90), but a special imported ACTUAL SWEATER KNIT material is used instead--looks identical to Rinoa's and is very limited in quantity! Order Today!

This costume set includes:

  • Blue Duster/Long Jacket Vest
  • Matching Armwarmers

Each "Rib" is approx. 0.5" (inches) in width!!

We make this costume to your size.  Upon ordering, please let us know your height and bust measurements.  Material able to stretch.  So it should really fit just about anyone! 
Length of the duster will be made approximately 12inches shorter than your specified height.  If you have a preferred length for the duster, please let us know. 
The pictures speak for themselves!

 This price includes: the Duster/Overcoat, and both Armwarmers made in our deluxe material.

Skirt and Shorts sold as separate set for US$60

Status: Limited Availablity--please email ASAP to reserve your Rinoa! 

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