Yuna (Lady Luck Dressphere)---Final Fantasy X-2 Cosplay Set (Item #: CC06)



Source: Final Fantasy X-2
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Item #:  CC06

Price: US$200

US$11 to USA/Canada
US$16 to International

Short Description:  
The original seen in the photographs was made by Heki of SMA, and the design is 2-time award winning!

This costume is made with comfortable soft and stretchy poly-cottons, it is absolutely gorgeous and photographs extremely beautifully as you can see!
This material is really hard to find, so please do not delay in ordering this breath-taking ensemble!

This Cosplay Set Includes:
+Super accurate and well-constructed wine-colored dress, with dark purple trim detailing. The dress features black&silver iridescent ribbons, as well as gold hand-painted symbols going down both sides (refer to photographs below). It also has a Gradient Dye in dark purple at the hemline.
Note: The skin-tone "screen" down the front (as shown) can be added or not, it's up to you!
+Dark Purple belt, worn low on the waist; gold or brass metallic belt detailing (may differ very slightly than shown in photos, depends on availability of materials)
+Matching gold or brass metallic wide necklace
+Dark purple neck scarf
+2x matching Dark Purple "sleeves"; worn on top of shoulders
Note from Heki: I pinned mine to my bra straps, absolutely perfect for hiding the bra strap! ^o^
+A pair of matching fingerless gloves, not pictured. 
Note: Heki forgot them at home during the convention lol!
+3x Heki's ORIGINAL translucent LadyLuck cards! They look AWESOME in pictures!!! You will get 3!
+Yuna Ponytail will be included free of charge! 

Status:  Available, Special Order Only!

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