Gunner (Default) Yuna ---Final Fantasy X-2 COMPLETE Cosplay Set (Item #: CC05)

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Source: Gunner (Default) Dressphere Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2--This is for a COMPLETE & CUSTOM-MADE costume!
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Item #:  CC05

Price: US$330 (Normally is US$350 on our eBay store, special website price available only on!)

Special Payment-Plan Options:
You have 2 choices of payment format:
1. Pay US$50 now as a deposit. The remainder will be due in May 2006
2. OR You may also just choose to pay the whole thing now.

US$18 to USA/Canada
US$30 to International
*We will ship this outfit by Express only, unless payment was made with Money Order or Western Union (Regular Shipping $10 US/Canada; $15 International)

Short Description:  Our Gunner Yuna cosplay has won 2 awards at our major local anime convention! Also, if there are some specific details about the cosplay costume that you want--please don't hesitate to let us know. This is YOUR outfit, so it will be made to YOUR liking ^_^

This Gunner Yuna Cosplay Set Includes ALL of the following:

  • White halter top with Zanarkand symbol in the middle (The hole can be left as a hole, or a screen can be placed for those who are more shy). Includes the yellow obi-tie, white silk lace edging, and hand-dyed Pink lace edging.

  • 2 Matching Yellow armbands with black cording--fully adjustable sizing.

  • Pink Hoodie made with a real knit material to look just like Yuna's.

  • Leather (or Faux Suede, depending on availability) Belt with Metal rings, easy buckle, and matching Pouch (can hold cellphone, makeup, wallet, etc! Great for Conventions!) featuring real metal rings detailing and sturdy design.

  • Gorgeous 3-tier (3 Layers) Blue Gradient-Fade Hand-dyed half skirt. Features delicate white lace edging as well as long ties.

  • Red Ponytail with the Hair extension color of your choice: Black, Light Brown, or Dark Brown. (Blonde also available if desired), Features clear elastic for easy wear, and gorgeous hand-dyed gradient piece at the bottom.

**Please be sure you understand this point. Orders are being reserved now, Creation begins in June 2006, Remainder of Payment (if you choose Payment Plan #1) needed by Mid-May 2006. Costume is shipped at the end of June 2006.**

In June 2006, we will send you a WEEKLY PROGRESS REPORT, you will not need to e-mail us continuously for details--we will provide them!

Status:  Currently taking orders for 2006! We only make these ONCE a year--that is it! Order yours ASAP! Cosplay Costume will be completed and shipped before the end of June 2006! 

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