Past Custom Commissions:

Here are just a few of the custom commissions we have completed.
If you are interested in commissioning one yourself, please use our request form!
We will respond within 24 hours with a price quote

Shion - Xenosaga Episode 1 
Complete custom set - Dress + Jacket
Completed June 2006
Yunsung - Soul Calibur 2 
Complete custom set - Top, pants, sword, & accessories
Completed May 2004
Battle Vixens (Ikki Tousen)
Complete custom set - Dress, apron, choker, eyepatch
Completed May 2006
Complete custom set - Bikini, top, belt
Completed June 2006
Complete custom set - Top, Skirt, Tie, accessories
Completed June 2006
Yuyu Hakusho
Complete custom set - Jumpsuit (light green), yellow obi sash, dark green overdress
Completed June 2006