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Popstar Yuna & Ren/Lenne---Final Fantasy X-2 Cosplay
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Source: Popstar-Class Yuna & Ren/Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2
Price: US$180 Now on Sale for US$160 (plus $8 for shipping/handling)
Extra Notes: Some customers choose to purchase only a few peices of the costume! You can too!
Popstar Shirt w/Side-skirt attached: US$90
Black Lace Skirt: US$30
Blue Sleeves w/Black elastics: US$25
Blue leather belt w/silver buckle: US$20
Status: Only Two Available. These costumes are Made-to-order.

Rinoa---Final Fantasy VIII Cosplay Set

Source: Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII Click for Reference Image
Price: US$90 (plus $9 for shipping/handling)
Short Description: We used a gorgeous ribbed stretch material! It stretches *A LOT* From 32.5" to approximately 37.5" at the bust! So it should really fit just about anyone!^^ The duster is 47" in length measured from the collar to the hemline, but it is very easy to hem it tofit your height. The pictures speak for themselves. This price includes: the Duster/Overcoat, and both armwarmers.
Status: Limited Availablity--please email ASAP to reserve your Rinoa!

*DELUXE* Rinoa---Final Fantasy VIII Cosplay Set


Source: Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII Click for Reference Image
Price: US$130 (plus $9 for shipping/handling)
Short Description: It is the same cut and design as above. But a special imported sweater-knit material will be used instead. This deluxe material is gorgeous! *email for further details*
Status: ONLY TWO AVAILABLE--please email ASAP to reserve yours!

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