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This part of our website will introduce you to the two sisters, Anna (Anagel) and Heki:  the backbone of Dream-Angels.
Dream-Angels' personal portfolio is displayed here as well to showcase their works.

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Anna (a.k.a Anagel): is the main costume/prop producer of Dream-Angels.
She may be known as "Anagel" on many popular cosplay related websites.

Odds are, if you order a costume item from us, she was the one that made it.  ^_^

Anna started making costumes in 2001 and have since accumulated a large portfolio.

Below is a small gallery of her modelling her own personal costumes!

Everything below was made by Anna.

Blood Elf - Mage
World of Warcraft
Chun Li
Street Fighter
Asuka - Yamato Spinoff
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Final Fantasy 12
Noh Hime
Samurai Warriors
Rinoa Heartilly
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy X
Rinoa - Dion Rogers Design
Final Fantasy 8 and 10
More Coming Soon! More Coming Soon! More Coming Soon!


Heki is the younger sister of Anna.  She rarely makes costumes anymore.
Her main focus is on custom styling wigs. 
Please visit for more information regarding her wig work!
Below is a gallery of her costume and wig portfolio.

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